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The very nature of any social, sharing, webcam enabled site puts your privacy at risk. It canot help but do so. We want you to understand completely what those risks are.

The entire purpose of the site/software is to let people (friends, coworkers, caregivers, the infirm, etc.) see and be seen by others. If you use the site properly and treat your camera as though it's always on then you have little to fear. If you ignore the privacy elements of the site/software, leave your camera on perpetually, and prance around naked in front of it then you have devastating little privacy left. Use this site/software carefully with full knowledge of what it does. We want you to be safe, we want you to retain your dignity, this site/softwre can be your greatest friend.

It must also be stressed that this is beta software. We are still developing it. We include basic, sensible privacy and security features and will continue to expand this. We do and will continue to do our best to protect you, but we're not perfect, technology isn't perfect, and you need to understand this.

Remember, your webcam-related privacy can only be put at risk if you point your camera/direct your microphone at something you don't want others to see. If you use Ipertur in your kitchen or living room and don't walk around naked in those rooms speaking about things you don't want others to know, you are fine.

Data you share with us for the purpose of configuring first-party apps we will treat with care and respect, using industry standard safety measures and encryption where applicable. In general it should be noted that first-party apps typically use the APIs provided by other sites, such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and as such we store and use tokens those APIs generate for the appropriate access to your information on those sites; you can control that access via their sites as well as ours if you have concerns.

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