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Let's do this Jeff Bezos-style (Amazon), with a personal word from our founder/developer:

Dear Ipertur-ers,

Ipertur has been a project I have worked on for many years, begun as a tool to try and stay more persistently, subtly connected to coworkers thousands of miles away, it took an urgent and sobering turn when my mother began to show signs of dementia. I wanted to use technology to bring me closer to her, to have her feel my constant presence even when I'm living hundreds or thousands of miles away. I wanted a way to check in on her, video conference with her (without her needing to learn how to use Skype), keep her grounded in day/time/upcoming events, entertain her, and keep her memories alive for however long we can through a stream of constantly updated photos (with labels that gently remind her brain of what it might otherwise have lost). I've been developing Ipertur to use with her, and have been using it with her for the last year, and it has made a big difference, for all of us. I wanted to make this available to everyone so they can benefit as well, whether it's adult children with their parents, grandparents with their grandkids, parents with their younger children, pet parents with their pets, coworkers with their other coworkers, or friends with their other friends.

It's a simple concept, with profound implications. Bring a socially integrated and persistent element to the interaction formerly known as mere video conferencing.

Please let us know how we're doing and what we can do better to help you and your situation.


B. Quincy Cabell

P.S. - Ipertur access is free for all, with certain features restricted to premium members (we have to pay our bills). But, if your situation requires would be greatly helped by the premium features and you cannot afford them, drop us a note explaining your situation and we'll work something out so you get a premium membership.

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