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You can use Ipertur to monitor anywhere you have or can put a laptop, computer, tablet (w/ webcam), Internet access required, of course.

Records still image peeks and video peeks periodically or when motion occurs. You can view peeks from your archive, engage live video conference mode with the remote location, and much more!

Monitoring Features

Motion DetectionGenerate peeks when motion is detected.
Timed PeeksGenerate peeks on interval.
Multiple Rooms Monitored.Install as many Ipertur devices as you want to monitor as many locations as you want.
Auto-Answer Live Video Conference.Any time you want interact with the remote location, you can set it up to auto-answer.
PeeksSend and receive video and still image "peeks".
Plugin APIAnyone can extend Ipertur by using our Ipertur Plugin API to make new user pages and sidebar widgets.
Weather.Always know the current weather and upcoming forecast.
Any URLAny URL (just specify a URL and we'll show that as a user page)
Ipertur Plugin APIUse our Ipertur Plugin API to make any site Ipertur compatible
And much, much more!
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