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Friends of all ages can be invited into each other's lives and living rooms with Ipertur. Use virtual presence to go back to being room mates, neighbors, and best friends. Ipertur can help. Passively share your lives and actively re-engage your friendships.

Live Video conference.Any time you want start a live video conference with your friend or family member.
Facebook Feed.Follow your Facebook feed and all your friends' activity right in Ipertur.
Twitter Feed.Follow your Twitter feed and/or build a feed from search terms.
Digital Picture Frame.Accent your room or house with a beautiful digital picture frame, showcasing all your recent and distant happy memories, using Flickr or Instagram feeds.
Customizable SidebarUse plugins to customize your sidebar.
PeeksSend and receive video and still image "peeks".
Timed PeeksGenerate peeks on interval.
Evernote.Add your Evernote "to do" list to your Ipertur sidebar or display a note from Evernote as a full page user page.
Google Calendar.Show your Google Calendar as an agenda in your Ipertur sidebar or as full user page.
Google To Do List.Show your Google To Do list in your Ipertur sidebar or as a full user page.
Flip Clock.Show the time/date with a cool retro clock.
Bulletin Posting.Post notices for your loved one to see, whether a reminder of something important or a simple, thoughtful supportive note.
Any URLAny URL (just specify a URL and we'll show that as a user page)
Flickr Slideshow.Show your favorite Flickr photos from your account or other people. Filter by tags, search keywords, user, and more.
Instagram Slideshow.Show your Instagram feed or photos from other people. Filter by tags, search keywords, user, and more.
Weather.Always know the current weather and upcoming forecast.
And much, much more!
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