This is the FAQ.

Google Chrome Crashes

We've seen instances in which Google Chrome crashes when running Ipertur. If that's what happened to you then don't freak out! We've sent the debugging info to the Chromium group which manages the code from which Google Chrome is built.  They are working on the issue. In the mean time we recommend you install our Google Chrome Extension which will automatically restart a crashed Ipertur window.  Or you can simply reload the Ipertur window yourself and all will be well again. 


Ipertur is currently free for everyone during this portion of our beta period.  We want everyone to benefit from Ipertur, so we'll always keep most of it available to everyone for free.

At some point we will likely need to introduce premium features or restrict some less frequently used power features in order to pay our costs (server, bandwidth, developers, etc.).

Can I Use this on Multiple Devices?

Sure! But here's the best way to do things... If you want to have multiple devices running Ipertur at the same time, like a kitchen Ipertur and an office Ipertur, then you should create separate Ipertur accounts for each and log into each with its own dedicated account. It's a little extra work but it's the best way.

If you have multiple devices but only plan on running Ipertur on one device at a time then just make sure you close Ipertur before logging in on the next device.

Why Do I Need to Use Google Chrome?

This isn't some grand pro-Google conspiracy, it's just that we're a small development crew funding this project on our own with no extra time available to tackle the subtle and significant complexities involved in uniformly supporting WebRTC and other HTML 5 features. Targeting Google Chrome means everything works across all devices with minimal wasted effort. We'll add support for other browsers as we have the time and money to do so! We hate that we have to have a browser requirement like it's the year 2000 or something, please forgive us and install Google Chrome!

I Can't Afford the Premium Version but I Need It

We don't have a premium offering at this time, but when we do if there is some feature that is part of it and not the free offering which you desperately need for a loved one who has emotional, medical, or physical needs just reach out to us and you can't afford it (the price will be low) we'll find a way to make the premium membership available to you.  We want this to help anyone and everyone. We understand not everyone can afford it, and we want to help where we can. The reality is running this site costs us money, building this site cost us money, and we can't afford to give it to everyone. But, contact us and we'll find a way.

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