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Runs everywhere, in the Chrome Browser on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS! No software to install. Just uses your webcam!*

Or buy one of our dedicated Ipertur devices!

The effortless, visual, social way to stay connected to family, friends, pets, coworkers, and places...
Check in on kids, elderly parents, and pets.
Bring your friends into your home virtually.
Monitor your home or office while you are out.
Stream your and your friends' social content, photos, and more!
It's like Facebook for the living room! Whenever I'm not using my iPad I run Ipertur on it and I can see into my brother's living room and he can see into mine. It's like we're living next door when really we're 1,000 miles apart! - Syd
This isn't so much Big Brother but Big Mother, and I'm okay with that. - Jane
My mother can 'hang out' with my kids whenever they are in the living room, even though she's two towns over. Pretty cool! - D.L.
This is too addicting. I stare at it instead of reading the book I'm supposed to. - Lydia N.
It's like that game Portal and you have a blue portal in your room and the orange one in someone else's, oh, but you can only look through it not step through it. - Bennie

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* Google Chrome is required. To learn more, see 'Why Chrome?' in the FAQ

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